Rhoid Rage Banding

Grand Opening in Layette, Co -- Summer 2020


Dear Future Rhoid Rager,

We are united together in facing the challenges of balancing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with our mutual goals of providing you with effective therapy and improve your quality of life. Given the changing needs and restrictions imposed on our medical community as a direct consequence of this pandemic, we have decided to postpone our services so that we can focus our attention on the current situation and dedicate our skillset to help affected patients in these times. The time course for launching our clinic is indefinitely on hold and we will adjust the opening date as the situation continues to change. Our commitment is to support you and our patients as much as we can in these challenging times.

Please check back on this website or join our mailing list to be promptly informed when we will open our doors. Stay Healthy. Stay strong. Stay in Rage.

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Dr. Maheen Sheikh
Rhoid Rage Banding Clinic